FieldOne Sky available for Dynamics CRM Online

After the relatively recent acquisition of FieldOne by Microsoft, the solution is now available to be installed on a new trial of Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1.


FieldOne Sky is an intelligent fields service management solution. Its functionality revolves around enhanced management and scheduling for work orders. The scheduling engine is the highlight of this solution, where we are presented with three types of actions:

  • Manual scheduling
  • Schedule assistant
  • Automated routing scheduling

The friendliness of the UI and the ability to provide drag and drop on a scheduling board makes using this product very easy and intuitive. Coupled with a powerful back engine to validate and recalculate schedules, this is an ideal solution for field service. Add to that extensive support for mobile, and you have a complete end to end package for managing resources in the field.

The amount of business insight that can be gained using this solution is of great value. Starting with a real-time view into the performance of your business and field service, analyzing of large amounts of data to determine patterns and issues with standard scheduling as well as extensive reporting capabilities for operations analysis and strategy, this solution is a great add-on to the Dynamics CRM family.

The process to add the FieldOne solution is the same as adding the previously available Insights and Office 365 Groups solution.

From the Office 365 portal navigate to CRM. In the Manage all CRM Online instances select the trial instance or the one you want the solution added to. Click on Solutions.


On the next screen select the FieldOne Sky solution and click Install.


Note that the installation will take a short while.

Once the solution is installed, navigate to your CRM instance and validate that FieldOne Sky is installed. If your standard navigation is not customized, you can do that by looking for a new tab added to the top navigation and named FieldOne Sky.



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