New Dynamics 365 book shout-out

I’ve recently had the opportunity to preview a new Dynamics 365 book. I wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to the author, Rami Mounla. His book is available here:


The book walks the reader through technical concepts, starting at the basics, with no code extensions, and moving slowly into the meat of it all. It’s covering client and server side extensions, integration and security. Solution architecture and DevOps are covered, while also introducing various tools and frameworks.

Overall, it is a good overview of capabilities from a development and technical architecture perspective. While the book is described at primarily aimed at existing Dynamics resources, I think it’s also a good resource for others starting on the journey to Dynamics 365. Jumping farther from the shallow end will make you a better swimmer.

Pick up the book, read it, learn something new or just dust-off some of that existing knowledge you’ve put away for a while.


Book Details

Title: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Extensions Cookbook

Author: Rami Mounla

Length: 462 pages

Edition: 1

Language: English

Publisher: Packt Publishing

Publication Date: 2017-06-07


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