Fields for Search

There’s two aspect to using fields in Search within CRM. The settings are in separate places, so I’m just making this mental note to check both when making configurations.

Field properties – in the field’s properties, you can configure a field to be searchable.


What this does in fact is it allows the field to be indexed for Advanced Find only.

The other aspect is if you want a field to be indexed for quick find search. You do this by going to the Entity, navigate to Views, select the Quick Find view and add a Find Column.


In here you can add Find Columns, and you can also add the columns to the view, so you know why that specific result is returned.




2 thoughts on “Fields for Search

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  1. Any suggestions for deleting 1000+ contacts after email addresses failed when running a 10000+ quick campaign?


  2. I tend to use Scribe a lot. Give that a try. It’s very flexible and easy to use. I believe there is a fully functional trial version available as well.


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