BPF not showing in the existing App

This one is just a quick tip.

We’re all used to the classical interface, as we’ve been configuring and testing in it since the beginning. Which is why some small things could make us pause for a moment to think.

Working with Apps now is the new trick, and takes a bit of mind-bending sometimes. It’s like teaching an old dog new tricks.

Take a typical scenario for example. You have a standard Business Process Flow (BPF). Let’s call it BPF-A. You go to add a second one, call it BFP-B. And you want to do access through security roles. You assign BPF-A to let’s say Group-A, to keep it simple, and BPF-B to Group-B.

Now, you test it all in the classical UI, and it works just fine, but when you test in the App, Group-A gets BPF-A showing up correctly, but Group-B does not show a BPF. What?

Simple! Don’t forget to add BPF-B that you created later to the App.


Yeah, the new trick has been taught. You can thank me later!


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