10 Days Challenge–Tip #8

Integration with Dynamics GP is an often requested functionality. With Dynamics CRM 2011 we are having a good story, using the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Feature Pack 5 for Microsoft Dynamics GP. For now, it is only available through Partnersource.

So, I go ahead and review the installation documentation, it’s a breeze. Configuration, with a bit of planning, again easy. At this point I’m getting really itchy to start pushing for this.

Well, make sure you review the Known Issues list before going any further. On the very last page, in “Heading 1” it states:

Internet Facing Deployments not supported for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Now this is really disappointing. I can understand why, with the new Claims Authentication in use, but still, disappointing.

The good thing is, the connector supports integration with Dynamics CRM 2011 Online. So if you really want access to your CRM from anywhere, as well as integration with GP, but you are willing to live with the limitations of Online, consider that option.

Otherwise, either wait for a fix, or look at other options. (Maybe Scribe?)


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